Samsung Galaxy S10+ leaks again – has Exceptionally Thin Bezels around


The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is continually hitting the rumor mills. Today, we’ve got another look at the smartphone on Weibo. Above all, the images confirm a dual front-facing camera in the upper right corner. Even more, the top bezels are negligible, making the handset hit a real sweet spot.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ appears to be an intelligently built phone. Samsung has done a decent job in detailing the alignment of the camera cut out with the top bar icons. Anyways, the camera cutout will nevertheless remain a problem. Some portion of the screen will hide beneath the camera cut-out, and that’s not the solution.

While the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10+ will have assets of an incredible Android phone, the price of the smartphone will be a deciding factor. What do you think about this phone? Do you find the phone interesting? Or you perceive it as another Samsung flagship? Do let us know in the comments section below.