Smartphones without a notch are hard to see these days. While the Waterdrop notches are replacing the big cutouts, the biometrics is still a question. Well, companies like Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi are working on mechanical motors to provide the solution. But, these solutions don’t look promising. Further, the big Korean giant Samsung is still not implementing the modern notch design. And, the brand is working towards a new solution forward.

Samsung is working with its R&D team to end the infamous trend of notch design. Now, during the 2018 Samsung OLED forum, Samsung announced that they are working on other OLED-related technologies as well. So, that means that aside from the under-screen sensor technology the company is working on some other technologies also. Now, these include the fingerprint under the display, touch-sensitive technology, and screen sound technology. Interestingly, the first technique hides the cameras and the sensors under the display.

Note that this technology is in its early testing stages Also, the Galaxy S10 is coming in just a few months, and we don’t expect the technology to arrive by the time.