Samsung SVP explains why foldable phones will change everything


Of late, Samsung’s profit is declining, and there are two significant causes behind the present situation. One problem is the highly competitional market in the past two years, and other being the slowed down innovation in the world of technology. But hey! The catch is a little opposing from this as the Senior Vice President Hark-sang Kim posted an editorial that details the opposite. Accordingly, the upcoming new technologies like 5G, AI, and AR will add even more to our vital live.

The new generation of smartphones benefit giant screens, but Samsung wants to give us, even more. The Samsung foldable smartphones is an answer to even big smartphones that are portable, as well. The first foldable smartphones from Samsung were demoed past in CES 2011. Looking at the Galaxy F, it seems like the company is heading in the right direction.

Samsung SVP explains why foldable phones will change everything

Foldable phones are a radical change in the design. These smartphones need new materials to meet the demands and long term productivity. Also, the conventional implementation of internals requires a discrete design. Moreover, the company will bring two batteries in the handset. The cooling systems and the cameras will also get new placements to keep the form factor of the handset slim.

Additionally, the software on the handset will come along with Android One UI. The new software will allow for better one-handed usage on the Galaxy F. One UI on the Galaxy F will have the functionality to switch from small to large displays.

Anyways, Kim believes that the Infinity Flex Display on the Galaxy F will open the gates to new innovation in the world of smartphones. The future is more than the folding, rolling, and stretchable smartphones!