Samsung foldable smartphone is coming this year


We all know that Huawei is working on their new foldable smartphone for this year. Now, Samsung wants to be the first one in the race with the new Samsung foldable smartphone this year. Samsung is elevating the work, to bring a real foldable smartphone at the end of 2018.

Samsung’s mobile division CEO makes the decision public, to introduce its first foldable Galaxy as early as this year. Moreover, Samsung is running survey’s, asking their audience, if they want a foldable smartphone. In return, Samsung is getting a very positive response from the audience regarding the foldable technology.

Samsung foldable smartphone samsung x

The statement contradicts the one Samsung made earlier, to launch its smartphone early next year at CES 2018. Again, Samsung made that decision to catch-up with the launch of the foldable smartphone, from Huawei.

Koh says nothing specific about the upcoming handset. Besides, he confirms the Samsung Developers Conference 2018, which is set for November 7-8 in San Francisco, will be the venue for the official announcement. Moreover, Koh confirms that the handset will have all those pleasing features, for the early adopters to play with joy. He adds that the handset will be no gimmick, it will be a real deal in a real day of life.