Samsung foldable phone could end up costing over $2,500 in the consumer market


Samsung Galaxy F! The foldable smartphone, the game-changer, the industry changer, or the costliest consumer smartphone is arriving soon. The smartphone is no surprise to us, and we know that it is coming in either Q1 or Q2 of 2019. The top dog smartphone manufacturer has never produced smartphones with unnecessary price hikes, but what if I say that Galaxy F will cost between $1925 – $2565? Well, I know that the price seems to be eye-watering, but at least it is not unnecessary like the $2000 iPhones in countries like India.

At this moment we don’t know the exact naming scheme for the handset. It can be the Galaxy F, or Samsung may call it as Galaxy Flex or even something else for the general consumer market. It seems like we are talking back in the times when the first Note Edge came to life. Our excitement for the foldable smartphones is at peak levels, but the company has gone through magnitudes of hardships to perfect the upcoming foldable device.

Samsung foldable phone could end up costing over $2,500 in the consumer market

Of Late, the price distribution for the Galaxy Flex has come up from a reputable source. The biggest question in our mind is that what separated the price tags between the $1925 – $2565. A $500 bump for the storage and RAM seems to be significant, so we assume there may be a size difference between the two handsets.

Samsung foldable phone could end up costing over $2,500 in the consumer market

We feel Aghast by these figures, and that makes me believe that this might be the calculated cost of individual components put together. Earlier sources revealed figures around $1,770 (KRW 2 million in its homeland), while another carrier leak has also previously mentioned a GBP 2,000 figure for the top end model. I think that whatever source you decide to choose, the final price still remains very high.

Are you also confused?

Interestingly, Samsung is not the alone manufacturer that will come up with the foldable handsets in 2018. We’ll see competition from brands like Huawei and LG, former or later. But, what will Samsung charge for the foldable smartphones outside of Korea? Will the tech justify value? Do we really need foldable smartphones? So many Questions.