Samsung is working to upgrade the Buxby platform even further. The company did share some information regarding this on the Bixby Developer Day. Now, according to the Samsung VP of R&D and Bixby development Eui-Suk Chung, Samsung is aiming to ship Bixby 3.0 with the foldable Galaxy F smartphone.

Samsung foldable Galaxy F will ship with an improved Bixby 3.0

Eui-Suk Chung did now share anything specific about the updates that are coming on the Bixby 3.0. Still, we know that Bixby 3.0 will arrive on March 2019.

Interestingly, the only updates that we have got to see on Bixby Developer Day were regarding the new Bixby Developer Studio and Bixby Marketplace. Well, these are the same topics Samsung discussed at its Developer Conference earlier this month.

Samsung will soon make the Bixby platform open for integration to other market smart appliances. All these steps will bring new features through the Bixby Marketplace in the coming future.