Samsung and Apple smartphones perform well in there starting days. Well, after some time the performance on these devices downgrades due to the OEM’s Software implementations. The Italian Competition and Market Authority (AGCM) opened an investigation against Samsung and Apple in January. Now, the investigation is closed and both of these OEM’s are found guilty of doing so.

Italy fines Samsung and Apple for slowing down smartphone performance

According to the report’s both of these smartphones, giants have to pay a sum of €5 million as a fine. Also, AGCM concludes that “the release of some firmware updates of mobile phones that have caused serious malfunctions. And, significantly reduced performance, thereby accelerating the process of replacing them.”

Both of these companies were pushing the consumers to update their smartphones with laggy updates. And, also these companies were not providing a way to roll the software back to the old version.

AGCM hit Apple with additional €5 million fine as the company didn’t provide clear instructions about replacing battery’s on their iPhones.
Well, €5 million is the maximum penalty that the AGCM can give. Also, the companies now have to post notices with links about the future updates to AGCM.