Samsung has now become one of the major manufactures of the high-resolution ISOCELL sensors. Today, the company has made official two new high-resolution ISOCELL Plus sensors with 0.8μm pixels for smartphones. Samsung calls these sensors as the Bright GM1 and Bright GD1. Well, the Bright GM1 is a 48MP, and the Bright GD1 is a 32MP sensor.

Interestingly, the pixel count on these sensors are large, but the physical size is small. The small footprint of this sensor will make it perfect to fit inside today’s dual, triple, and quad-camera setups.

Samsung announces two new ISOCELL Plus sensors with 0.8μm pixels

Note that the ISOCELL sensors provide Tetra cell technology in smartphone cameras. Well, this property allows four pixels to bind into a single one to improve the light sensitivity. That means the GM1 and GD1 can deliver binned 12MP and 8MP stills, with 1.6μm effective pixel size.

Both sensors will enter mass production this quarter. Also, the sensors use the Gyro-based electronic image stabilization.