Today we’ve got to see an APK teardown of Google’s voice unlock service on Android. Well, this is an option to “Unlock With Voice Match, “but it’s sad to see that this service is now slowly declining. Well, the first indications come from the exclusion of this service on Google’s greatest and latest Pixel 3 Duo. Also, a string of text in the Google APP version 8.39 for Android discloses the discloses the upcoming changes.

This feature has been around for a while now. Well, the main idea behind this feature comes from machine learning your voiceprints. So, that opens the path for making a conversation between yourself and the Google Assitant. And, yes it becomes a way of interacting with your smartphone without unlocking your handset in the first place. That means tasks like bypassing the secure lock, opening Google Maps and searching phrases on Google now becomes a lot easier. Note that this feature is not as secure as it seems like, as your voice pitch can easily match with a lot of people around, that may give them unauthorized access to your handset.

The future of this feature arrives in the form a new feature on the Google Pixel 3. Well, this feature arrives by “Lock Screen Personal Results,” and this will certainly replace Google’s Unlock with Voice Match in the future. Interestingly, Google will now authenticate your voice, and once authenticated, Google Assistant will be including results from your Gmail, contacts, and calendar via an interface.

According to 9To5Google, these changes will take place in the future versions of the Applications.


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