Redmi mocks the Samsung Galaxy M series – Xiaomi is a real winner?


Samsung and Xiaomi share a massive sum of market share in the mobile industry in India. Both the companies are competing toe-to-toe in the market with mid-range smartphones. The latest Galaxy M-series of smartphones from Samsung is the best the company can do to rival low prices on Xiaomi phones.

We’ve seen Xiami teasing the Redmi Note 7 in India, earlier. The teaser came with the phone and the CEO of the company being upside down. The teaser campaign was made official by Jun and Manu Kumar Jain. Today, the battle goes one step further as the company launches a teaser against the Galaxy M-series phones. The upside down image of the Redmi Note 7 with 48MP camera fades, the Galaxy M phone behind.

Well, the teaser wants to claim the old TFT technology on the Samsung Galaxy M20. Well, we agree with Xiaomi as the brand provides with a capable camera and a better-looking screen on the Redmi Note 7. Also, the company mocks up the M20 with a 48MP camera on the Redmi phone.