Realme is expanding fast, the company has made its name successfully among the consumers. The handset adds value to the money, and this makes Realme as the fastest growing brand. The company made its way to Indonesia last month, and it has already outsold players like Samsung and Xiaomi in its Single’s day sale (11.11).

We are talking about the sales from Lazada, the local retailer. The retailer had its biggest Single’s day sale, and the Realme phones topped the phone segment. Interestingly, the Realme C1 was the best selling smartphone during the sale. The Realme 2 Pro, Realme 2 was also the part of the sales, selling a total 40,000 units in 21 minutes.

Also, the company has made a record of triple title for the period of 1-11. Well, that includes the highest total sales, the highest individual sales, and the fastest sales growth. Interestingly, for this period of time, the best selling smartphones on Lazada were the Realme 2, C1 and 2 Pro in respective order.

Note that the brand did equally well in Thailand. The company sold, 1,000 units in 8 minutes on the local Lazada branch. Also, Realme broke the sales record of Shopee Malaysia. Well, the company sold 2,500 units of Realme 2 Pro in 3 hours.