Realme 5 camera samples with 64MP Resolution look impressive


Realme is a young smartphone manufacturing company. When launched back in May 2018, the company established its fame for providing robust specifications in mid-range phones. In fourteen months, we came across 11 Android smartphones from this Chinese brand.

Skipping the Realme 4.

Anyways, the freshest phones from the brand are Realme 3i and Realme X. Even though we are eagerly waiting for the Realme 4, the company might ditch it for the Realme 5 moniker.

“Madhav ‘5’Quad.”

credits: @madhavseth1

More importantly, the CEO of Realme India changed his Twitter name yesterday to “Madhav ‘5’Quad.” Later, the company announced on Weibo more details about the 64 MP primary shooter. With this in mind, we are sure that the new phone will be known to be the Realme 5.

Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor.

The Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor on Realme 5 with a pixel size of 0.8┬Ám will be simply amazing. In evidence, today the company shared publically the first image samples from the Realme 5 taken from the 64MP rear shooter.

The Quad-camera’s.

First, let’s look in details the camera setup on the upcoming phone from Realme. The phone will carry Quad-camera setup on the rear as we’ve seen with the leaked images. While the primary sensor will be a 64MP shooter, the sensor will be of Tetracell family. Consequently, the final image will come out to be a16MP photograph.

The secondary shooter on the phone will be a super-wide-angle cam with 119-degree FoV and f/2.2 aperture. Third, there will be a dedicated macro lens. Well, like the latest mid-rangers from Huawei, this will allow you to take photos from up to 4 cm. The macro camera will let the consumer take close-up without losing details. At the same time, there will be a fourth camera which is likely to be a 5MP shooter for depth-sensing.

The Image Quality from 64MP camera sensor.

Of course, we are here to discuss the quality of images that comes out of the 64MP shooter. The two samples shared by the company shows the photographs taken in complete 64MP resolution. Even though the detail at the pixel level is about average, there’s a catch. If you downsample the image to 16MP one, you will notice that the image is crisp and sharp.

Dynamic range

One thing which we like about the sample is the Dynamic range. If we look closely at the clouds in the first photographs, the details look fantabulous. Zooming into the second photograph reveals plenty of details in hidden corners of the building.

The 119-degree ultra-wide camera and the macro camera lens.

Besides, the company also teased some additional photos. Well, these are the downsized images from the 119-degree ultra-wide camera and the macro camera lens. Moreover, the company also teased a night shot which might have used the nightscape feature.

The Realme 5 will release as soon as the next month. Granted the latest gaming SoC’s from Mediatek to power this phone, we will be looking forward to testing these phones. What do you think about the upcoming from Realme? Do let us know in the comments section below.