Realme 2 Pro revealed by company CEO on Youtube Ft. Technical Guruji


After launching Realme 2 in India, the company made a few promises. With that said, Realme’s announcement concluded with the words ‘one more thing to surprise you, see you in September’, hinting at the arrival of Realme 2 Pro.

Few days after then we’ve got to see a video teaser for the smartphone with a smaller notch. Besides, Realme 2 Pro will not come with Diamond-pattern back panel. Now, today the company’s CEO Madhav Sheth spoke to our favorite Indian tech Youtuber, ‘Technical Guruji’ revealing the phone’s look and its chipset.

Now, that whole thing turns out to be a promotional event. The video begins with some flattering camera angles of the Realme 2 Pro, later strategically positioned in the center of the shot while a selfie is taken. Besides, after having a lot of conversation, Mr. Sheth reveals some info about the handset. Then he picks up the Real smartphone and flaunts it in front of the camera.

Further, the CEO confirms that Realme 2 Pro will run on Snapdragon 660 chipset. Now, this is a massive update over the Snapdragon 450 that powers the regular Realme 2. That means the new chipset will be an octa-core CPU at up to 2.2 GHz and it will support resolutions up to Full HD+. You can expect Realme 2 Pro to support features like 4K video recording, Bluetooth 5, and up to 16 MP dual cameras with the Spectra 160 ISP.

The Realme 2 will go official at a special event in Delhi, on September 27. So, are you eagerly waiting for the Realme 2 Pro? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.