Qualcomm will soon announce its next top of the line mobile SoC. The Snapdragon Technology Summit for the latest from Qualcomm will happen between December 4 qnd December 6. We expect that the main focus of the event will be the upcoming 5G modems from the companies. Qualcomm will acquire a big market in terms of 5G modems in the coming year.

The rumors suggest that this year Qualcomm will bump up the series to four digits. In past, Qualcomm used S1/S2/S3/S4 to denote these series. Presently, the series gets its name under 200/400/600/700/800 as the naming scheme. The new chipset showing up in benchmarks identifies as “sm8150”.

Qualcomm's 2019 high-end chip won't be called Snapdragon 8150

We don’t know the real name of the chipset, and we are assuming it to be Snapdragon 8150. The reports from PCMag says that sm8150 is just an internal designation of the new silicon and not its eventual marketing name.

We might get the chipset under the name Snapdragon 855 or something else entirely. We expect Qualcomm to jump to an entirely new series for the 5G capable chipsets. Either way, apparently it’s not Snapdragon 8150, let’s keep that in mind.

Keep in mind the company is already jumping from the X24 series for 4G to up to X50 for its first 5G part. Well, the new name can get its name after Snapdragon 5000. Also, the company is working on a new SoC for Windows laptops, and this has the internal codename sm8180, but it won’t be called Snapdragon 8180.