Qualcomm CEO says company will soon resolve legal issues with Apple


We know that Qualcomm and Apple have no high-grade relations. In an interview with Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf on CNBC’s Mad Money, Jim Cramer, the host of the show asked Mollenkopf for an update over the current position of Qualcomm’s ongoing legal feud with Apple.

“Can you give us a little update,” asks Cramer, “because I wanna buy an Apple 5G phone and I want to have Qualcomm in it.” The legal battle between the two companies might delay the 5G iPhones a bit further. While Qualcomm is asking royalties and alleging patent violations, Apple claims that the royalties are extreme.

This of course, refers to the ongoing legal battle the two companies. Qualcomm is demanding royalties and claiming patent infringements while Apple claims that the royalties are excessive.

Qualcomm CEO says company will soon resolve legal issues with Apple

According to Mollenkopf, the company wants to see the Qualcomm 5G in Apple phones in the second half of the coming year. Both of these companies may come up with a resolution any time soon. Well, we are still unaware about 5G modems arriving in the coming iPhones.

Interestingly, looking at the history of Apple, we don’t expect Apple to roll out iPhone with 5G until 2020. Verizon first rolled out its LTE network back in 2010, but LTE finally arrives in an iPhone in late-2012 with iPhone 5. Apple always tends the technology to become mature and become cheaper, before using in the iPhones,

Examining the current market trends, we believe that Apple needs to bring 5G soon. There are umpteen manufacturers that will bring this technology in Q1-2019, and if Apple doesn’t follow the company have to pay heavy losses.