Qualcomm aims to ban iPhone XS and iPhone XR in China as well


The lawsuit between Qualcomm and Apple is turning out to be burdensome for Apple. As a consequence of this, on Monday the Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court in China halted the import and sale of select iPhones in the country. Apple had to pull out the iPhones right from the iPhone 6s all the way to iPhone X in China. Of course, the iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max have no effect by this ruling.

Qualcomm in its legal battle against Apple now files an injunction of the
iPhone XS,  XS Max and iPhone XR in China. Qualcomm has clear goals of pulling out Apple made iPhones from the markets in China.

Qualcomm aims to ban iPhone XS and iPhone XR in China as well

Both companies are not reaching a deal about the licensing fees and patents. The battle between the tech giants is now proving itself to be critical for the Apple. Interestingly enough, a US company banning another US company on the foreign ground will encourage the domestic competitors even more.

In action, Apple has warned to take action against Chinese manufacturers like Foxconn. Apple has created above 5 million jobs across China’s supply chains.

Apple representative was quoted to say that the company “will be forced to settle with the Respondent, causing all mobile phone manufacturers to relapse into the previous unreasonable charging mode and pay high licensing fees.”