Price of OnePlus 6T accessories leak has a Shocking Surprise


Apple with there 2018 iPhones has stopped providing a Lighting to 3.5mm adapter with its iPhones. Now, there is a reason to recall this act as OnePlus seems to copy this Apple idea of not including the converter in the box. Earlier this month Carl announced that the OnePlus 6T won’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack. And, so he announced USB-Type C version of Bullet V2. The whole point of discussion is the new price list of the OnePlus 6T accessories that lists the converter separately.

It might happen that just OnePlus may sell these 3.5mm adapter cables separately. Now, this will cost you cost €8.95 in Europe. In comparison, Apple sells its adapter for €10.00 so about the same. Well, we know that OnePlus doesn’t have a practice of including the headphones in the retail box, so seeing no 3.5mm headphone adapter might not be a big surprise to us.

Price of OnePlus 6T accessories leak has a Shocking Surprise

Now about the pricing, the new Bullets V2 headphones will set you around €19.95. So, this is same as the version with a 3.5mm jack.

Further, we have some protective cases that are – Sandstone, Karbon and Ebony wood, as well as a couple of bumper cases. The Bumpers covers the back and they are thicker, sturdier and protects the smartphone better than the simple snap-on covers.

OnePlus will announce the 6T along with the accessories on October 17, so stay tuned for the event with Heapooh.