First look at Google’s ‘Pixel Stand’ charging accessory for new Pixel 3 phones


The Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL are leaking extensively. Well, now we know almost all about these new smartphones. Besides, we still have to learn a lot of things about what else the company is bringing to us. And, Of course, now we know that the new Pixelbooks are coming to this event. There is one device that we’ve been keeping our eyes on since long for the Google event. We’re talking about the new Pixel Stand from Google. NOW, this is the first time, we’ve discovered a possible first look at the product.

Now, thanks to a Google APK v8.22 teardown, that has come up with a few codes that justify a new wireless charging dock called Pixel Stand. Deep inside this code, developers have found a short animation. This animation tells us, how the device works with the dock. The whole thing mentions an extended functionality, including a slideshow and a new Google Assistant interface. It’s obvious, this brief little animation does not show us an exact representation of Google Product, but it gives us a few details.

For now, it seems like that this new animation will work on while the phone is in portrait orientation. Such animation hints that it will just be a Slideshow function, very similar to the Google Photos “Photo Frame” functionality on smart displays.

The Pixel Stand will be the first wireless charging accessory from Google. It will have a USB-C connector, and a small portion of the dock will stand up to keep the smartphone upright.

Besides, one Another animation of the Pixel Stand teases some notification functionality on Google Pixel smartphones. These animations will show up while charging wirelessly on the Pixel Stand.  The animation will show up the messages, alarms, calendar notifications, as well as music notifications. All these things are in-line with the Pixel Stand’s Assistant functionality.