Deal Alert: Pocophone F1 gets 70% on BuyBack with F2 coming in half a year


Xiaomi’s Poco F1 is the hottest selling smartphone in India. The Snapdragon 845, 6Gigs of RAM, and dual cameras make it the cheapest flagship in India. But, now you can buy the new Pocophone F1 with some additional benefits. Today, Manu Kumar Jain has made an official tweet that you can buy the PocoPhone F1 now, at just Rs 5,799. That’s insane, yes, but there’s a catch.

So, in order to avail the offer, you need to go to the Flipkart. And, then buy the smartphone for Rs 21,000 (including a small discount). Then, in 6-8 months when the new Pocophone becomes available, Flipkart will buy your old model for INR 14,700. Well, this is the pricing for the 6/64GB model.

Lastly, this is a buyback scheme from Xiaomi. Further, with this scheme, you can benefit yourself with a huge 70% cashback, once the PocoPhone F2 is available. Also, the F2 will launch in about half a year. We assume that the F2 will get the insane 2019 specifications at an insane price, to convince you to buy a new one.