Pocophone F1 brings Widevine L1 support with OS version 9.2.25


After umteen controversies that have had rumored online, the Pocophone F1 by Xiaomi is finally getting the support for Widevine L1 services. Xiaomi unveiled the Poco F1 in the past year with an astonishing price to spec ratio. Unfortunately, the handset lacked in Widevine L1 support at that time. To elaborate even further, the Widevine L1 holds importance while you ought to stream videos on Netflix and Amazon Prime. It allows you to play HD content on these platforms without downscaling the video.

Today, the general manager of Poco India makes an official post on Twitter about the fix. With that said, the fix will arrive with an OTA to the beta users in first place. The update rolling out is version 9.2.25 should enable Widevine L1 support.

To note, the global leader of Pocophone Alvin Tse said earlier this month some partners do not wish to certify already launched devices, so this is one of the reasons users still can’t play movies in HD on Netflix. On the other hand, the services must allow HD content on Amazon.

Anyways, one must not need to worry as Pocophone F1 will unquestionably clear all the issues. After the legal licenses get a clearance, the Pocophone F1 may support HD content on Netflix, as well.