Pocophone F1 teardown Video shows: ‘LiquidCool’ heat pipe and the face scanner


The Pocophone F1 is the cheapest android flagship smartphone right now. It offers the top-tier specifications at just about €330 and even as low as €260 in some countries. Just like the Galaxy Note 9, this one has a cooling mechanism fit inside the smartphone. That is impressive, for the cheapest, yet premium Android flagship we’ve got to see till date.

The video starts with the High-end Snapdragon 845 SoC, with a “LiquidCool” heat pipe. The copper heat sink takes heat away from the metal heat spreader over the SoC. Lastly, it runs around the battery to take away the extreme heats from there.

The next part of the video demonstrates the IR face scanner. Besides that, it clearly shows the technology to be at least better than the AI based normal camera Face Unlock systems. The entire setup has made up of components like – infrared camera and an illuminator. We still have no words of honor from JerryRigEverything, that how the flagship sustains in daily life. So, what do you think about the teardown? Share your thoughts below.

We’ll wait for the experts to pass judgment but with all those screws and no glue, the Pocophone F1 appears very easy to repair.