Pocophone F1 will be available in these 67 countries


After announcing the Pocophone F1 in India, the smartphones are now available in France, Hong Kong, and Indonesia today. But, the point is that what all regions will this new brand has to cover. So, now Xiaomi has made the list of these countries available in an event. Accordingly, there are 67 countries in total where this new handset will be available.

Pocophone f1 global listing

The price and configuration of the handset may differ with the region. In Spain, we’ve got the 64Gigs variant available at €330 with an additional €30 coupon. So, at 300€ it holds a sweet spot with flagship level specifications. The price of the 128Gigs model seems a lot more starting at €400. For, India we’ve got three different models with the base variant costing at INR 20,999 for 64Gigs variant.

Besides that, in France, the 64Gigs model starts at €360, and the 128Gigs one is €400 again. We have no words for the pricing in other regions, but we’re sure of one thing, that Xiaomi’s pricing varies for the same configurations in separate regions.