Google Pixel3XL is the next flagship from Google. We all know that this third generation Pixel will launch in October. As we are getting closer and closer to the official release date, the leaks are getting even more frequent. Now today, we’ve got some spy images of the Google Pixel 3XL. Besides that, these leaks are on par with the videos from the Russian Tech Vlogger.

Google Pixel 3XL spying Front facing Image
Surprisingly, the source of these Spy images is a reader from MobileSyrup. He was able to capture the smartphone from the different angle in the wild. The sticker on the back of this smartphone confirms that it is a pre-production unit. That means that not a lot will change in the final design. All above this, we’ll get an ugly design with a deep notch hiding dual cameras. The dual cameras may have something to do with advance facial unlock system.

Google Pixel 3XL spying in Hand Image tilted image

The images re-confirms that the Google Pixel 3XL will borrow same design on back. That means there will be a single camera sensor identical to the Pixel 2/2XL. Besides that, the front of the Google Pixel 3 Xl is rather strange. But, a good part of the front is that we get to see really thin side bezels and a reasonably small chin.

We are still about two months away from the official announcement of the Google Pixel 3XL. So, what do you think about the Google Pixel 3XL? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.