Pixel 3 XL is available to buy for $2000 per unit on the black market


These things are not rumors, but they are the truth. Earlier this week we’ve got to see a video from a famous Youtuber ASBYT. The Youtuber got an offer to purchase a Pixel 3 XL at around $2000. The Youtuber refused the offer, but the things never end there. Earlier Today, a new report was made official from 9to5Google. Accordingly, a Ukranian Telegram is selling these (possibly stolen) near-final Google Pixel devices.

But, there is a catch to the whole thing. The matter of fact is that, If these were the stolen units, Google would have exercised action against them. The name of this person is Luchkov, and he’s a Tech blogger associated with an entity called Wyslacom Media. Beside’s that this person is selling the Google Pixel 3 XL publically on his Telegram Profile.

Pixel 3xl telegram
Source: 9to5Google

The Telegram account is pinned by a message that reads “Available on stock in England Limited amount!”. While all these things feel more likely to be a scam, but ASBYT confirms on his YouTube channel that the person has the smartphone under his possession.