Render of Pixel 3’s wireless charger leaks, with a custom Smart Display function

    The day’s of the Nexus smartphones were good. I mean, I was an early Nexus series adapter, and the smartphones used to be cheap, and powerful. Now, if you remember the Nexus 4 made by LG and Google, it was one of those few smartphones to support wireless charging at that time. Google quickly dropped the technology and soon after that, it became a staple of flagships.

    Render of Pixel 3's wireless charger Smart Display  leaks 001

    Now, a few days back we got a few animations from the source code of Google’s own Pie software. The animations gave us a quick overview of the Smart Display function. Now, an image of the official– dubbed Pixel Stand shows up on the internet. The charger shows that it can hold the phone at an angle to accommodate the Smart Display function. We assume that the new Pixels will use a completely different UI when put in dock mode. The Google Assistant will be front and center of this UI.

    Render of Pixel 3's wireless charger Smart Display  leaks 002

    Further, if we look closely at the bottom of the stand, it reads 9V/2A that makes 18W/hr charging speed. Now, while this is the amount of power consumed by the charger, the emitted power should be 15W. So, now it confirms that the new Pixel 3 duo will support fast wireless charging.