Google Pixel 3 is hitting the markets like a buzz. And, a lot of consumers are already facing issues with the distorting speakers and memory management issues. The Speaker buzzing and distortion issue is happening on the Pixel 3 only. And, the later one is prevalent to both the variants of the pixel 3.

So, when I say buzz than it means the bottom part of the Pixel 3 vibrates when on high volumes. Also, this leads to distortion in speakers when we try to play sounds on specific frequencies or watching videos with voice narration.

Pixel 3 owners facing face buzzing speakers and memory management

Now, some users are reporting similar issues both at the high and the low volumes. It can be that the bottom speaker on the Google Pixel 3 is much louder than the top one. But, we seen a similar implementation in many of the smartphones say the Galaxy Note9 and even the new iPhones have it. But, the truth is that Google has addressed this issue, saying that it’s by design.

Further, the second issue is the poor memory management on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL owners. Well, the new Pixel 3 fails to keep apps in the RAM management and often drop apps from RAM. Now, this leads to app restarts, app force closing, and even the springboard resetting mid-use.

Pixel 3 owners facing face buzzing speakers and memory management

While the sound distortion has no fix to it, we hope that Google will soon fix the RAM management issue on these smartphones. Also, remember that we’ve got similar issues of speaker buzz on the Pixel 2, and Google swapped the faulty units with new ones straight away. It would be interesting to see if this year’s Pixel 3 XL suffers from the same issue.