Oppo wants to hide camera hole in the icon itself – Here’s the look!


In the past two years, we’ve seen a decent development in smartphones with massive screens and minimum bezels as the sole target. The year 2019 wants to push the boundaries even further with even thinner bezels and 5G components in smartphones. A lot of companies are following the suites, and all of them have different directions. Speaking of the latest innovations, Samsung and Huawei have shown there punch hole camera implementations. The same technology is being passed over to other companies as well, but with different approaches. The new one from Oppo is distinctive but may not solve the issue of punch hole displays.

Oppo wants to hide camera hole in the icon itself - Here's the look!

According to the fresh leaks from LetsGoDigital, the 2019 Oppo flagship will implement a tiny hole on the display, as well. Even more, the hole will be the part of the icon interface, according to the filling at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). With that said, the selfie camera will show on eithe the upper left corner or slightly towards the camera. The main attraction will be the camera icon that will hide the camera inside the graphics enclosure. It’s worth notice that, even if one tries to swipe to different screens, the camera application will stay there. Well, that way the overall experience will not get hindered by other applications. The remaining icons will appear after an extra swipe on the top of the screen.

Oppo wants to hide camera hole and the camera may turn of with icons shifting

Additionally, another listing shows a slightly different approach. Accordingly, the icons overlaying the punch hole can be swiped to the right to turn off the camera app. For now, we’ve got no other real pieces of evidence of the handset. But, stay tuned with us to catch up with the more news on the upcoming Oppo flagship.