Oppo is a big name in India, and now the company is preparing to bring Premium R-series of smartphones to India. Besides India, We’ve already seen the R-series of smartphones in the markets of China, Europe, and Japan.

The exact timing and the line up of smartphone is yet unknown to us. We believe that the company will surely bring the RX17 Pro to India, as it is the only phone present in both China and Europe. Then it’s a toss-up between the R17 (China) and RX17 Neo (Europe, Japan).

The main concern for the Oppo R-series in India is the pricing of the handset. While the handset is capable of doing some amazing things, it will compete with OnePlus 6T in the price segment. The choice will come to the different camera setup and different SoC’s that Oppo and OnePlus are using in the handset.

The RX17 Pro has Super VOOC and a 3D ToF camera over its competitor, though it misses out on the flagship chipset. The OnePlus 6T starts at around Rs 38,000 in India, and we expect Oppo R17 to start for the same price as well.

Interestingly, the Oppo FInd X series didn’t do well in the country. The main reason behind the low sales was the high price and its buggy software. The company gets its major proportion of sales from the budget-conscious A and F-series in India.