Oppo and Xiaomi teases an in-display selfie camera on a smartphone, is it coming soon?


The smartphones industry is becoming more and more interesting with each passing day. Brands like Oppo, Huawei, and Xiaomi are rivaling against the top tier hardware and software companies: Samsung, Apple, and Google. Say the In-display fingerprint scanner; Vivo was the first company to bring this technology. Whatsmore, Xiaomi was the first one to bring the under display speaker technology, and so on.

The Era of Full-View Displays

It’s worth noting that the year 2019, was all about stretching the LCD’s and AMOLED screen panels to their maximum, and at the same time reducing the bezels to a minimum. To obtain the present state of full-view display experience, the existing smartphone companies are implementing notches, cut-out displays, and periscope cameras. The next-generation implementation that is achieved at very first by Oppo is the in-display selfie camera technology. Today, on its the Weibo account, Oppo showcase a video demonstrating the tech on real-world hardware.

Oppo’s Take Over Full-View Displays with In-display Selfie Camera’s

One can watch the same video on Twitter as well, where the company shows the upper half of the phone. An employee from the department turns on the in-display selfie camera. Further, he takes a photo and then obscures the camera with their finger.

Sadly, we are still unaware of the end results of the picture that was taken by the in-display selfie camera. The fascinating part is that the technology is different from the in-display optical fingerprint readers. It obviously, won’t need an external light source to illuminate the sensor to work. The external light source will change the color tones in the final image, so whatever technology Oppo is using is insanely powerful.

Courtesy – Indiatoday.in

Not only the Oppo is working on this technology, but Samsung is also planning to introduce smartphones with the likewise technology. Anyways, Oppo is ahead of the technology curve this time, in my opinion. According to the tech giant, Samsung, the technology is still one year away from the commercial launch. So one might see, the Samsung Galaxy S12, most probably, to arrive with this latest technology leap.

Xiaomi’s Implementation Of In-display camera sensor

Whatsmore, responding to this, Xiaomi also releases a teaser on its Weibo account. It shows a similar technology as well, and the video comes from the company’s president, Lin Bin. The implementation is alike, but one can see precise results of the quality of the image that comes out from the in-display selfie camera.

Anyways, what do you think about this technology? Is the Oppo made in-display selfie camera phone nearing to our future? Would you buy a phone with an in-display selfie camera? Let us know in the comments!