OnePlus sold 249% more 6T units in the US than the OnePlus 6


OnePlus 6T is becoming the most adorable brand across the US market. OnePlus’ partnership with T-Mobile in the US is proving itself to be a real success for the flagship brand in the country. The company manages to sell 249% more units of the OnePlus 6T in comparison to the OnePlus 6 in the US.

The source of these figures comes straight from Pete Lau while speaking in an interview with PCMag. Pete Lau didn’t share the sales figures, but he did manage to share that the entire team is happy about the present scenario of OnePlus sales in the US at the moment.

The OnePlus 6 was a tremendous success for the company, and the company did manage to sell over a million units globally in the first 22 days. The current statement from Pete Lau refers to the sales of 6T in the US alone.

OnePlus sold 249% more 6T units in the US than the OnePlus 6

Pete Lau hasn’t ruled out OnePlus launching a smaller phone in the future, but there’s a huge caveat. In Lau’s words: “if we can solve the battery problem, we would definitely make a smaller one. I see a lot of demand for this kind of size. But looking at the industry, the technology of batteries hasn’t changed too much over all these years”.

We hope that Pete’s decision for removing the headphone jack for implementing a bigger battery, and Screen Unlock was the right one. No company can ever produce a product that may please to the choice of everyone. The company just want to deliver elegant products, and it is not possible right now with smartphones with smaller footprints.

Additionally, Lau confirms once again that the company is working on a smartphone with 5G technology with EE in the UK. The carrier works on frequency bands below 6GHz. Well, this is in line with the T-Mobile and Sprint standards in the US. On the flip-side, millimeter wave tech is harder to build.

“The whole industry knows that it’s easier to build for sub-6 than for millimeter wave”, Lau said. He further adds that OnePlus will find a solution for millimeter wave sometime next year. Pete also discusses on the dark side of the 5G smartphones in the current market. In the beginning, the smartphones need to have a custom carrier for using 5G. That means you can’t hope from one 5G carrier to the other.

Lau adds that the company is still working on the OnePlus TV. But, there is still no launch date for releasing this upcoming piece of technology in the market.