OnePlus officially announces their plans for OnePlus TV

    Since 2013, we have focused on building the best smartphone possible. In the process, our team and community have learned a tremendous amount about software, hardware, design, product development, and delivering on the best possible user experience. These efforts — all of those long nights and weekends in the office contributed by this team and community have paved an excellent foundation on which to build the OnePlus TV experience.

    The OnePlus TV can also be just another Android TV product with Google Assistant integrated to it. The integration just like any other Android TV will be used to control your home devices. OnePlus can design there own assistant or their own software or a custom skin based on Oxygen OS for TV

    OnePlus Plans to launch a OnePlus TV

    We speculate OnePlus to price this new product aggressively, offering select high-end features at a reduced price. If this happens then OnePlus will take away with the TV market just like they did with the smartphones market.
    For now, the company is preparing for the launch of OnePlus 6T. We expect, Oneplus to launch the product anytime before 2019. So, Does this new OnePlus TV sounds you promising? Do let us know in the comments section below.