OnePlus 7 won’t have wireless charging and Pop-up selfie camera


With the courtesy of CNET, we can now confirm that the next generation of flagship phone from OnePlus won’t come with wireless charging. The whole conversation took place between the CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau and CNET at MWC 2019. Mind that OnePlus always intends to push the best hardware in the market, while keeping the cost of the phone down. Cutting on the price of the phone doesn’t mean that OnePlus loves to make cuts in essential features on the phone.

One such cut that we’ve always seen is in the Wireless charging. We don’t mean that the company won’t ever offer the feature on OnePlus phones. But according to Lau, the current wireless charging standards are not up to his expectations. What he means to say is that the wireless charging in its current state is too slow to benefit the consumers. The current Warp Charge from OnePlus is still one of the best from the company. And provides a more than half of the juice in half-hours charge.

OnePlus’ 5G phone on display at MWC. Photo credit: CNET

OnePlus is actively working on improving the wireless charging technology that will provide a true benefit to its customers. The company is facing a challenge to enable fast wireless charging without dissipating much heat. When a representative from CNET asked Pete Lau that whether the newly announced Qualcomm Quick Wireless Charge would be incorporated with OnePlus phones in the future, Lau completely declined to comment on this.

Anyways, the company did display its 5G handset at MWC 2019. The phone showed a taller 21:9 aspect ratio. Sadly, no one could see the actual phone because of its protective casing. Also, the phone was not the OnePlus 7. According to Lau, he had the phone in person but it was not still ready to show to journalists. Also, Lau confirmed that OnePlus 7 won’t come with a popup selfie camera.

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