A Closer Look at OnePlus 7 with a Slider Mechanism like the Mi Mix 3


OnePlus 7 is still five months away from the official announcement. The smartphone is firing up the rumors mills, and today we’ve got our first look at OnePlus 7 from the front. We’ve seen the rear of the handset in an official Oneplus meet in the past year. In comparison, we have also got the OnePlus 6T sitting next tot he OnePlus 7. The protective casing around the handsets hides a significant portion of the screens.

Anyways, we can make an easy guess that the OnePlus 7 will carry the sliding mechanism technology. Well, the lack of punch hole camera and the notch technology on the smartphone is an indication towards the slider. The company has made no official words on the announcement of the handset. We believe that the OnePlus 7 will go official by the Mid of May 2019.

A Closer Look at OnePlus 7 with a Slider Mechanism like the Mi Mix 3

The photographs of the OnePlus 7 were available on CoolAPk at the first place. The blog post no longer exists on the website, but Slashleak took an early notice and shared the images online. Additionally, the smartphone images give us a look at the earpiece grille, alert slider, and the power button.

The earpiece speaker grills on the handset look identical to the ones on the OnePlus 7. The cutout on the top of the protective casing for a front camera and sensors is an indication of the sliding mechanism on the front of the device. With that said, the vacant space on the top may fill up once the slider opens up. The Mi Mix 3 has the best implementation of the mechanical slider yet. We still can’t rely on the sliders, and we expect Oneplus to come up with an even better solution.

OnePlus is said to be launching two new smartphones in the H1 of 2019. The two new smartphones include a 5G offering by the company. According to Pete Lau, the company will bring a 5G smartphone by May 2019. Also, the 5G offering by the company will be a different smartphone than the OnePlus 7. With that said, the offering will be at least $200-$300 costlier than the OnePlus 6T. Also, the handset will carry a separate branding in comparison to the existing series of the OnePlus smartphones in the markets.