OnePlus 6T’s Screen Unlock is getting Faster Over Time


The OnePlus 6T is one of the cheapest offering out there with top-tier specifications along with an in-display fingerprint reader. Though being an optical fingerprint reader, the fingerprint scanner on OnePlus 6T is blazing fast.

On the launch event, the company said, the fingerprint reader on the 6T will improve with time. Even the company mentioned this in an official blog post. OnePlus explains that every time you put your fingers over the sensor, it doesn’t only record the fingerprints. But, it also records some of the unregistered regions of your fingerprints that were not in the database during the initial setup.

All these things are not just theoretical. The Screen Unlock feature on the 6T is surprisingly improving over the time. OnePlus stores the new fingerprint data on the handset along with the older one to complete the profile of fingerprint scanner. It further speeds up the biometric authentication process.

The times when a fingerprint authentication successfully unlocks a smartphone, it records the unregistered fingerprints in the initial fingerprint setup stage. That in turns add up to the previous data and helps in unlocking the smartphone even faster.

Additionally, the Screen Unlock algorithms also identify when the fingerprint is wet. Such irregularities combine in the database of the handset. And, when you unlock your smartphone for the next time, it unlocks the smartphone slightly faster.