OnePlus 6T for sale in India, and some other markets today. While the handset is available in Midnight Black and Metallic colors only, many OnePlus community fans are not happy with the color choice. I mean look at the Red One OnePlus 6, that Boy, looks gorgeous. But hey! we’re here to provide you all some good news from OnePlus, and it seems that a new color version is on the way.

 OnePlus 6T will soon get a new Thunder Purple color

The new color for the OnePlus 6T will be known as Thunder Purple, and it was briefly up on the Amazon Germany for pre-order. Note that the listing confirms this new model to with 8/128GB configuration, that sets you back at €580. Well, the price matches the 8/128GB version in Midnight Black.

While this will be the first purple in the history of Oneplus, but we assume it to be similar to the Oppo R17. So, you may have to wait for a few more days for this color goes out officially, and for that time you can enjoy the smartphone that you’re using right now.