OnePlus smartphones are development friendly. Well, that’s because OnePlus always release the Kernel source for their flagship handsets earlier than any other company. The OnePlus 6T is not up for sales until November 1. But, we’ve already got our hands-on with the Kernal source for the handset. The source code is now available on GitHub, and potential developers can use the source code to build custom ROMs for the OnePlus.

OnePlus 6T Kernel Source is now available from OnePlus

Interestingly, OnePlus reminds us that the tradition of unlocking the bootloader, and giving away the Kernel source code started with OnePlus 3. Also, OnePlus is the OEM out these that doesn’t care if you’re rooting. Well, that means you’re OnePlus is under warranty even after applying a root.

So, if you’re an Android enthusiast, you can go to Github and get your kernel source code.