OnePlus 6T will arrive the coming Monday, and the smartphone will bring a new wave of excitement for the consumers. The smartphone will have better optics, a new UI, a massive battery, and of course an in-display fingerprint reader. Now, just before the official launch, Pete Lau, the company CEO, just teased the camera performance of the upcoming flagship. The image shows us a night shot of downtown Shenzhen. The image prevails a good amount of details for the night shot and says Bring your own filter.

OnePlus 6T camera samples leaked before the official launch

Interestingly the image is a 13MP in full resolution. Well, it’s a clear indication that this year there will be no 16MP sensor in the OnePlus6T from the OnePlus 6. The image has no EXIF info, so the details like aperture or the manufacturer are unknown to us. The image shows accurate colors, high dynamic range, and the textures in the clouds are crisp.

Lastly, the OnePlus 6T is on its way to set the Night-Photography standard outdoing the Huawei and Pixel smartphones.