OnePlus cuts off the 6T’s bezels in an advertisement


OnePlus seems to cut off the bezels on the OnePlus 6T in its new teasers. If you remember the Lenovo’s Z5, the company leaked the handset with almost no bezels. The smartphone did not come out with the bezel-less screen in reality. Above all, OnePlus didn’t learn from the mistakes made by Lenovo.

A user on Twitter notices something unusual about OnePlus 6T ad that popped up on its Instagram account. The teaser shows the handset with almost no chin at the bottom. It seems like OnePlus is faking on the advertisement of a genuinely capable smartphone from the company.

It is not a good move from the company as it may spoil the reputation of a brand that makes the best budget flagship smartphones in the market. Someone in the marketing department of the company decided that giving people a wrong impression regarding the aspect ratio of the smartphone was a good idea. Sorry OnePlus! We didn’t like this move, and you must most probably take back the ad campaign from the social media platforms.