Vodafone and EE will Join O2 in Selling OnePlus 6T


OnePlus 6T will be available from a lot of UK carriers. Now, this will be the first time that OnePlus will go ever so widely available from the UK. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is now making deals with Vodafone and EE to join O2 in selling the OnePlus 6T. Further, the OnePlus 6T will start selling on November 6 in the UK.

Also, local retailers like John Lewis and Carphone Warehouse will also offer the 6T officially in their stores. Well, this will be the first time in the history of OnePlus that it will move past its online-only market strategy. And, the company will expand it’s business to brick and mortar stores.

Further, OnePlus will make the handset official on October 30. And, the handset will hit in China on November 5.