Amazon India heavily discounts the OnePlus 6 in India


OnePlus 6 is the best selling flagship smartphone in India. For $529, it is the best value for money smartphone. Now, we know that Oneplus 6T will hit Indian markets before the end of this month. Well, to compensate, OnePlus is clearing the stock of OnePlus 6 to make room for the new one. So starting October 10, Amazon India will be selling the current flagship at a massively discounted price.

Amazon India heavily discounts the OnePlus 6

The smartphone will sell as low as INR 29,999 on Amazon India. So, that means 24% discounts on the new OnePlus 6 from its original tag. You can choose to grab one between 10th and 15th of October. For now, we don’t know that if the 128 and 256GB models will get their prices lowered. But, we assume that OnePlus will drop prices for all their models.

So, if you don’t bother waiting for OnePlus 6T, then this should be a nice deal for you.