While announcing the Oneplus 6T, the company OnePlus along with Qualcomm assured, they will soon bring a 5G handset publically. Also, the Qualcomm summit approved OnePlus as their long-term partner. We expect the 5G connectivity on OnePlus to come along with the OnePlus 7 or whatever the OnePlus 6T successor is named.

Our new reports have a different story to tell as a OnePlus spokesperson announced, the 5G device will not be a successor of the OnePlus 6T. Accordingly, the new handset will come up with a new category at a premium price tag from OnePlus.

OnePlus 5G smartphone will come along with OnePlus 7

We expect OnePlus to launch OnePlus 7 without the 5G support. Well, it will keep the price of the handset low, and consumers can enjoy the flagship features that are not so high on price. For those people who need 5G, OnePlus may announce a premium 5G smartphone altogether priced $100 more than the high OnePlus 7. We believe that OnePlus may enter the premium segments of smartphones by the end of 2019.

Note that we still don’t know the name for this new handset. Also, we are quite uncertain about the company to announce the 5G device at MWC in February.