We are aware that ZTE’s sub-brand, Nubia, is already working on releasing its next flagship in the market. Well, the smartphone will come along with a dual-screen, and the company is now teasing the highlights of this handset. Well, the company calls this as the Nubia X.

The list of these features come in the form of an infographic. Sadly, the listing is in Chinese as it comes from the Chinese Social media website Weibo. Well, here is the list of features after translating the text through Bixyby Vision.

nubia reveals teases new features of its upcoming nubia X smartphone


  • Almost 100% screen-to-body ratio with no notch and no selfie camera
  • Eye-protecting screen mode for limiting the Blue light on the handset
  • AI-driven theme selector for the back panel of the device – probably depending on your location, weather, etc., the phone changes the “skin” on the secondary display.
  • A flexible OLED panel, will allow the screen to get it curved towards the sides like the Samsung flagships
  • No notch, no front camera – the secondary screen on the back of the smartphone will be used to take selfies.
  • Gaming-ready hardware for PUBG Mobile. Maybe there will be some sort of chipset cooling tech inside.
  • WiFi charging technology – well, this one sounds even more absurd than the “flexible OLED” feature. As far as we can tell from the translation, the handset will be able to charge wirelessly over WiFi. We wonder how that one works.
  • Price tag – The company says that the Nubia X will set you back around CNY 10,000 ($1,440). The company will celebrate 10 years of its inception on October 31.