Samsung will update the Note8 and S8/S8+ with Android Pie-based on One UI


A tweet from @Universeice is now surfacing on the internet. And, it claims that the One UI from the SDC 2018 will arrive on the last generation of Galaxy flagships. Reports from the developer’s team in Korea are in line with the ones from the popular leakster, Ice Universe. And, confirms that the Samsung Galaxy S8 duo will get the One UI update along with Note8, and the new flagships from Samsung.

Our source reports that the software on the Galaxy Note8 has the build number N950FXXU5DRK4. The last four-letters DRK4 indicates the build number that is different from the CRxx series currently on the Note8. Note that the letter C stands for the Android Oreo builds, and the letter D stands for the Android Pie builds.

The update on the one-year-old Samsung flagships will arrive, after the Galaxy S9 duo and the Note9 will get the update in January. Well, that means the Note8 and Galaxy S8 duo owners have to wait a little bit longer.