Nokia 8.1 uses Dinorex glass by NEG, instead of Gorilla Glass


Corning has a huge market for the Gorilla Glass protection on the smartphones. Most of the smartphones in the market use this same source to protect the screens from scratches and cracks. Nokia is one of the consumers of the Gorilla Glass technology on its smartphones. But, the latest Nokia 8.1 uses Dinorex glass by NEG, instead of using Gorilla Glass from Corning.

NEG (Nippon Electric Glass) is a Japanese company that makes solid glass protection. Of Late, the company is mushrooming among some of the significant smartphones manufacturers in the market. The company makes use of an identical process of depositing potassium ions on the surface of the glass to toughen the glass. Smartphone manufacturing companies like ZTE, Meizu, and BQ are already using glass protection on its smartphones.

Companies like Asahi and NEG may be a strong competition to Corning in the future. For now, Corning is still dominating the market.