Nokia 9 fingerprint reader shows up with screen animations


The Nokia 9 PureView will soon go official, and the rumors confirm that the handset will carry two different versions. While we already know about the one with S845 SoC, the other variant will get the latest SD855 SoC. Anyways, the latest leaks on the Nokia 9 PureView confirms the in-display fingerprint reader. We’ve got certain images of the Unlock steps on the handset along with three animation videos.

The photographs are legit and show up in the Settings.apk. Well, the following images show the setup process of the Screen Unlock on the handset:

Additionally, here are the three animations that will allow light for the optical readers to scan the fingerprints.

Anyways, the Nokia 9 PureView will go official ahead of MWC 2019. The handset will embark its sales in March for the Sd845 variant. The handset with SD855 will go for sales in late August.