After getting Obligations from the government in Australia, New Zealand bans the 5G networks in the country. The intelligence agency of the Pacific country declines Spark from using the already set 5G equipment in the country. All these are the measures that come as a part of the national security.

Spark is a major carrier brand in New Zealand. It is the first carrier that made a request for using the next-generation 5G technology. According to, General Andrew Hampton, the Government Communications Security Bureau Director, a significant network security risk gets past under the investigations.

In reply to the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang, Huawei claims that more than 20 5G contracts across the globe are already working to provide 5G networks with the company. Besides that, Huawei says that the nations need not worry about security risk with Huawei.

New Zealand bans usage of Huawei 5G equipment over security concerns

Note that the difference between the 5G networks and conventional 4G and 3G networks is the configuration. With the new configuration on 5G networks, every part of the system is accessible.

Interestingly, Huawei is developing New Zealand communication networks since the implementation of 4G, investing NZD40.0 million, or over $270 million. Besides that, Spark rival 2degrees stated that if there is a similar impact, “it will be a real disappointment for competition.”