Microsoft shortly Surpasses Apple as the valuable American company


The declining sales of the Apple iPhone XS/XS MAX/XR are now turning out to be good for Apple. Our reports claim that for a while this Monday, Microsoft surpassed Apple overtaking the title of the valuable United States-based company. Microsoft is primarily a software company, and it hit a valuation point of $813 billion today. With that said, Microsoft is ahead of Apple by just $1 billion.

Interestingly, not long ago Apple surpassed $1 trillion valuations. Looking at figures in the past, the company has come a long way down. It seems like Apple is accepting some hard time to get by with its investors. There are umpteen factors behind these losses, and one of them being the heavy price tags that Apple likes to put on their products. Moreover, after paying more than a thousand dollar on iPhone, the company still likes to charge on their iCloud and Apple Music services.

Microsoft shortly Surpasses Apple as the valuable American company

Also, one major factor is that the company is now receiving a hard competition from dense Chinese manufacturing companies.

On the flip-side, Microsoft is doing well selling its services. The most popular Microsoft services include Asure cloud services and Office 365 subscription. We believe that Microsoft Xbox is the all-time bestseller from the company. Moreover, it is surpassing Playstations that need a severe upgrade now. On a similar note, both Sony and Microsoft are rumored to be releasing brand-new consoles this year.

We hope that Apple will recover a major portion of sales in the Q4 this year. We have a variety of new products available right now in the markets. The new iPad Pro, Mac Mini, and MacBook Air lineups are coming out just in time this holiday season. Anyways, we are curious to look at the 2018 iPhone sales, and we’ll update you all with the statistics towards the end of this year.