Meizu Zero debuts with no physical buttons, or charging port – Looks Amazing!


The Meizu Zero is here – the smartphone that is already stealing the vivo’s thunder. The new smartphone from Meizu is astonishing, and the company takes some bold steps in delivering this smartphone as a marvel. We know that vivo is about to bring a smartphone without physical buttons, but Meizu is the first one to make it official. With that said, there are no buttons, speaker cutout’s and even there’s no charging phone on the handset.

The standard power buttons on the metallic frame get a replacement. Meizu makes use of piezoelectric sensors within the framework to control the power and volume switches. The concept is near similar to the one on the HTC U12+. Also, the smartphone has got a speaker replacement with piezoelectric transducer under the display. Well, Meizu is not the first one to do this. We’ve seen this implementation in Sharp and Xiaomi phones.

The drawback on this smartphone is the lack of a USB port. The company makes use of the fastest wireless charging in the industry with the 18W charging standard. Well, it solves the charging issues, but one needs to rely upon Wi-Fi and mobile networks to transfer data.

Meizu Zero Specifications

Anyways, the handset packs a 5.99-inch AMOLED screen with an in-display fingerprint scanner and a 20MP selfie camera. On the rear, one can find a dual camera setup. The primary sensor is a 12MP IMX 380 sensor from Sony, and the second lens is a 20MP IMX 350 AI sensor from Sony, as well.

The Meizu Zero packs inside a Snapdragon 845 SoC, and uses eSIM, due to lack of SIM ports. For now, we don’t know about the RAM and storage variants of the handset. We are also unaware of the availability and pricing.

The Meizu Zero will come in Black or White. While the smartphone looks significantly adorable, we are still to see vivo’s concept with the buttonless phone. What do you think about the Meizu Zero? Do you like it’s design and build? Do let us know in the comments section below.