Meizu will take bold steps with a holeless phone – to be unveiled tomorrow


The Chinese companies are suddenly showing that what they are capable of in 2019. We’ve recently, seen a teaser of vivo APEX 2019 with no buttons or port, and we know that the handset will go official on January 24. Anyways, we’ve got another competitor in the market. Meizu claims to unveil the first “holeless” phone tomorrow.

By holeless smartphone, the company doesn’t point at the display without a punch hole. We already have a lot of smartphones in the market that have got no camera cutouts. The company aims at the ports on the smartphones. With that said, we may look at a Meizu phone that has no USB port, no headphone jack, no openings into the phone’s body.

But hey! The concept sounds familiar to the vivo APEX 2019. Well, Meizu certainly wants to steal the vivo’s thunder by offering the technology at first place. The only plus point of this technology to prevail is that the smartphone will look amazing from its exterior. The public will take its time to switch completely to wireless technologies.

We imagine that the Meizu phone will arrange a wireless charger in the box. Well, people will still require wireless headphone, cloud data syncing and more. Is it the future? Only time can tell about that.