LG’s upcoming Flexible display phone wraps around its edges


Samsung is already up with its Infinity Flex Display, but the market for the foldable smartphones still needs to be explored. Major OEMs are now working on their own vision for foldable smartphones. OEMs are still experimenting with the design, and the latest patents from LG shows us some more possibilities.

The patents show the LG’s offering that wraps around the edges. Also, a magnetic snap keeps the display attached to the back side of the handset. The experience is different from the Samsung infinity Flex, and one can use the UI in the unfold format only. The full-screen real estate will provide a tablet experience on the device. The part of the display that remains under the static portion will show not light up.

The company has applied to trademark the names Flex, Foldi, and Duplex for its upcoming foldable smartphone. We expect that LG’s folding smartphone may end up with name Flex.